Green Spiral

MSU's Eclectic Pagan Network

About us

All are welcome! Green Spiral is a networking group dedicated to providing the students of Michigan State University and the people of the surrounding communities with a place to learn about Paganism and to providing Pagan students with a place to meet other Pagans.

Green Spiral is a Registered Student Organization and a Michigan non-profit corporation. We are the only Pagan student organization on campus.

Green Spiral is open to people of any age, religion, or level of experience. We have members that are new to Paganism as well as more experienced members that are more than happy to help introduce newer Pagans to the community.

There is no admission charge to Green Spiral meetings, however some activities will require a materials fee which is noted on the calendar. Membership is not necessary to attend meetings, but is required to be allowed to vote in the elections at the end of the year.

Meetings are every Thursday at 7:30 pm in the Tower Room of the MSU Student Union.