Green Spiral

MSU's Eclectic Pagan Network

Eboard & Advisors


Ariel Tausk

Ariel has been a co-coordinator for Green Spiral for two years now and has been part of the group for about five. She is currently in her final year of grad school studying Social Work. She graduated from MSU in 2016 with a degree in Social Work, Women's & Gender Studies, and LGBTQ & Sexuality Studies, but she liked Green Spiral so much that she decided to stick around for a couple more years! A women's studies class sparked Ariel's interest in Paganism during a discussion about feminist and nature-centered spirituality. She has been known to host talks about astrology, animal magick, energy work, ancestors, meditation, and other topics. Ariel is an earth sign who also enjoys being outdoors, gardening, stones, crafts, knitting, and writing.

Alli Dox

Alli joined Green Spiral when she was a freshman and is now co-coordinator for her senior year. Her spiritual journey began when she was in high school and she came across information on Paganism from the internet. She is in the Residential College of Arts and Humanities at MSU. Her focus is mainly on Pop Culture Magic, Energy Work, and Sigils. She enjoys singing, reading, writing, and watching cartoons.

Jay Hull

Jay is in their senior year as a Professional Writing student. Their spiritual journey began with a questionable link and a subsequent semester of weird looks as they requested titles like “Neo-Pagan Witchcraft” from the MSU library. Their path is very eclectic and still evolving but they are drawn towards energy work, nature magick, and breaking down the gender binary in every system they encounter.

Nadja Tarabara
Web Coordinator

Nadja Tarabara is a junior studying Zoology, with a minor in Graphic Design. This is her third year in Green Spiral, and first year as the Web Coordinator. Strangely enough, she found Paganism via Yahoo!Answers, and continued her path by reading books and websites on the topic. Currently focusing on the fae, her interests include crystals, tarot, runes, Celtic folklore, and being referred to as a swamp witch. Her other hobbies include drawing, herbalism, and exploring nature. Nadja is a Sagittarius and was born in the year of the Rat.


Eva Marie Sabolcik

Eva Sabolcik joined Green Spiral in 2010, and has been involved with the group ever since! As secretary for a year, co-coordinator for two years, and advisor for her fourth year now, she loves giving back to the group that showed her there was so much more to Paganism than Geocities discussion boards in quiet corners of the Internet. Primarily working with energy manipulation, animal energy, and stones, Eva also does a lot of deity and devotional work, writing poetry and stories in her spare time. She graduated with a degree in Environmental Economics and Policy in 2014.

Hannah Hazewinel

Hannah joined Green Spiral in the fall of 2015 is excited to be an advisor for the group after being co-coordinator for a year. She recently graduated from MSU with a B.S. in Environmental Biology/Zoology, and is currently working as an Outdoor Education Instructor and a Naturalist. As you can tell, Hannah has a very sacred relationship with nature that is reflected in her academic, professional and spiritual life. She draws mostly from Druidry and Native American spirituality in her practice and study, and loves to talk about Gaia, the web of life, land spirits, deep ecology, and why you should hug trees. She is also a dedicated yogi who likes to learn about chakras and energy flow. When she's not chasing kiddos around or thanking the Earth Mother for her quinoa, you can usually find her hiking, kayaking, taking pictures of things or drinking green tea.