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The mission statement of Green Spiral as re-written in the fall of 1997 by many, many of its members:

  •     Green Spiral exists to provide a structured, readily accessible organization for Pagans at Michigan State University and in the surrounding communities. It is open to people of any age, religion or level of experience.
  •     Green Spiral aims to provide a safe place to congregate and meet other student and non-student Pagans. The group holds frequent meetings where people can learn together, share together and discuss items of relevence in a friendly manner. In addition, members may organize field trips, workshops or other special events. By being actively involved on the campus of MSU, Green Spiral seeks to improve the public perception of people involved in esoteric religions.
  •     As a student group, Green Spiral acknowledges that most of its members are new to Paganism. Green Spiral and its leaders are not necessarily an authority on Pagan religion, nor is it a reflection of Pagan society as a whole; it is merely a connection point for people of a like mind.
  •     Above all, Green Spiral supports and celebrates free religious expression.
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