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Eva is a junior majoring in environmental economics and policy with a specialization in environmental studies.  Having already been a Pagan for four years, and eager to find a support group where she could truly come out of the broom closet, she found Green Spiral as she stalked the list of clubs and organizations at MSU, and has been coming back since the first meeting of her freshman year!  She's a rock hound with an impressive amount of crystals, and in her spare time, besides playing with her shiny collection, she enjoys writing, Tarot, exploring museums and parks, wandering around campus and in nature, and of course, making spreadsheets. 


Co-Coordinator/Web Coordinator

Zach is a senior majoring in biology.  He found his way to Green Spiral in 2009 and we haven’t been rid of him since.  Zach is a Nordic Heathen with a particular interest in runes, totems, and symbols.  In his free time, Zach likes wandering in the woods, studying ancient culture, collecting pointy things, and growing his beard.





Jeanette is a senior double majoring in Global Studies in the Arts and Humanities and Interdisciplinary Studies in the Arts and Humanities. She’s been a practicing eclectic pagan for 5 years and found Green Spiral in 2009 at MSU's Sparticipation purely by chance.  After a long conversation with a number of members, Jeanette began to appear at meetings sporadically for 3 years. She is strongly interested in alternative treatments including Reiki, herbal remedies, and many others. She also dabbles in Tarot and a little astrology. Green Spiral has been a place for her to learn more about paganism as well as many other topics. She enjoys the conversation and the opportunity to learn that Green Spiral has offered her as well as the friendships she has gained with many of the members







Seven Bryant


Seven is a doctoral student in sociocultural anthropology focusing on human-animal relationships in Japan.  Her specializations include Animal Studies and Gender, Justice, and Environmental Change. In hopes of exploring the non-academic side of religion and in meeting others with a non-anthropocentric view of the world, she dropped in on Green Spiral a couple years ago and never left. Believing in everything and willing to try everything at least once, Green Spiral continues to act as a wonderful catalyst to get her head out of the books and into the real world. Seven also serves as an adviser for Students Promoting Animal Rights, and is the president of Graduate Students for Animals.

Frank Graham


Michael Ireland


Elige Stewart




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